Good Evening. It is February 9, 2016 about 7:47 pm. My day has been busy. However, this is not what I want to talk about today. I want to talk about Diabetes.

I have been diagnosed with diabetes since 2003. I’ve struggled daily with weight, constantly wanting to eat, sleep, wanting all those sugary snacks and drinks. I’ve never wanted to exercise or try to take care of my health other than normal appointments for check ups or for when I was sick. Well, then I started feeling strange. Wanting to eat sugary snacks and drinks more and more. And then continue to drink more and more pop, hot chocolate, Kool aid, what ever had the sugar – mountain dew, whatever. I then found out not long after that, that my parents had diabetes. So, I took mom’s advice and got checked out. So with all the testing, and the blood work that was done, I found out that I did in fact have diabetes. So now I had to learn how to live with being diabetic or how to possible get it down to where I no longer had to take the medications I was being given. I’d go back for checks here and there then I started going to see a doctor with Joslin Diabetes Center near the Dayton Mall area (Centerville/Miamisburg, Ohio). This doctor was knowledgeable so much that we began a regiment to try to get my Blood Sugar numbers to come back down and into the 120-140 range. They’d come down, but I didn’t really change much in my eating habits, or exercise. I just wouldn’t do it. After 12 years of not being healthy and my numbers constantly changing.

Last year in 2015 I became close friends with a co-worker or two. One of these friends was training/working out with her husband so that she do a race called Tough Mudder. We got to talking one day when I took her home from work and I mentioned about how I would like to really start taking better care of my health. How I would like to loose weight, and how I would like to hopefully and prayerfully lower my numbers to a manageable  number. So, we started walking and working out with exercises and weights. I noticed a huge change in my energy level and a huge change in my eating habits. Well when I started that my weight was about 285lbs. I had already lost about 15lbs by then. I started keeping a log for my weight. Still hadn’t seen my diabetic numbers come down yet. So we continued. Finally it got to the time when she was going to do this race. We had not gotten together since then for any exercise.

Then a few months later I decided to talk a Health (or science) class as one of my electives. Which I became very grateful that I had. I learned more things about diabetes than I actually learned in the classes that I had to take with the doctors office. So, that is when I decided to start keeping a more solid record of my weight, and started to really pay more attention to where my sugars where every day. I’ve been on Metphormin, Lantus, Novolog, baby aspirin for a while. We had changed all of my medications up and down, added more of this or that. It just didn’t seem like anything was helping. So I started walking more, and eating less. However, when I would eat I began to notice that it was very late at night or the food was very high in sugar. So I began to make small changes here and there. I would cut out pop for a day, no sugary snacks, I would eat more healthy snacks.  My numbers just still were not coming down. I decided then to purchase a Fitbit to see if that would help me understand the types of foods that I have been and seeing how much I’ve been putting in my body. So it brings me to yesterday’s appointment with my diabetic doctor. We talked about the weight that I have lost and the exercising that I have been able to do, such as the light weights, the walking. I even mentioned to her about the Fitbit. How I have been able to see the difference in my eating and when I haven’t exercised enough. When I got to my appointment and checked in I didn’t have time to sit down, the nurse was calling me back. We got my weight which by their scales read 255.7 and mine had read 252.2 (which I was okay with that). Then we went into the room and she took my Blood Pressure – 130/74 (much better than my appointment on Friday February 5, 2016). Anyways, we went over the medication list, and over other things and then the doctor came in. As I have already said, we spoke about the exercising, and the Fitbit, and the eating. We talked about how my Blood Sugars have stayed high (200 and above). I told her the typical day of eating lately and how I’ve been slowly trying to make complete changes in food and exercise. So, she said that we would change the Lantus (up it), and she also wants me to cut out all regular pop and only drink diet with 12 ounces of water before hand. Yikes I thought. She wants more records of when I am having carbs and when I’m having to up the dose to just get my sugars to come down and she wants me to bring the information by the office if it stays consistent. I started slowly working on ending the regular pop yesterday and today. It’s tough, but I did notice that I was able to drink 64 ounces of water today and I stayed in target range for calories. I even had less pop today 2 regular and 1 diet. I also came home yesterday and took the dog for a walk which got me out to walk and I managed to enjoy that little bit of time. I got up this morning and I could see that it had snowed again last night so I decided that I wouldn’t walk today. Well around 1 pm. I went outside, took the dog for a walk to the mailbox and back. So it got me out to get fresh air.

Ever since the appointment yesterday I have really begun to write down everything that I have been eating, everything that I have drank, and I began to start making sure that my sugars are not extremely high. I didn’t really do much with keeping record yesterday of my blood sugars, but I did start to do that today. Tomorrow I will make a few other changes and work on doing more exercises. So, take it from me, it is not easy to be a diabetic, if you break anything, or if you have any open sores it really takes a long time to heal.

This is a struggle that I am constantly going through. I am going to write more on this topic as the days go on so that you can really see the struggle that one has. So the next time that I write I will show you numbers and food that I’ve eaten and then I will also start showing you the changes I have made. I look forward to talking with you all if you want to leave comments please do. There are many out there that have these types of struggle and never talk about it. I will and I can.