What a fabulous day this is. The sun is shinning bright, it’s a bit windy, the snow on the ground is melting, and the temps are to be up in the high 50’s to low 60’s today. I went to bed at a decent time last night which in the way my weeks have gone lately is really good. Although I may not have fallen asleep right away, I did manage to get a full 8 hours.

I started a journey this year using the Fitbit. So far I have accomplished goals that I didn’t think that I would. Although I am still not doing to well with some things, I have noticed that I am doing better with others. Taking pop for instance. I would normally drink one right after the other all day every day. Whether it was diet or regular. Over the last year though I had started drinking a little more water through out the day. Although I must say I have drank more water within the last couple of weeks than all of last year I think. I started a workout session with a coworker last year and towards the holidays we kind of just stopped with the workouts. So I have taken it upon myself to start going for my walks again (even though I may not do it daily – I still do it). So on this journey I have started to really focus in as well on my eating habits. I’ve noticed when I really begin to want sweets, and junk food compared to eating healthy treats and foods. Although I have not done well with this portion yet, it is still a work in progress. So, you see some changes still need to be made and need to be worked on. That is just what I plan to do.

Starting today – February 19, 2016 – I have decided to really focus in not only on the foods that I am eating but the drinks that I am drinking – such as pop. I am choosing to get healthier than I am and to lose the weight. Not only is this a life changing ordeal, but I will be working on my mind set and exercise routines. I’ve noticed that I don’t always get up and do a work out or even make an effort to try. I usually get up, get dressed for the day, make the bed, take blood sugars and med, fix and eat breakfast, and then sit at the computer most of the day unless I am having to go to work. Which I am usually checking Facebook, emails, and or doing school work. I may even be playing a game. I don’t do an chores unless I have too. I don’t do any exercises, and I don’t really do anything for fun. All of this is the reason I am making changes in my life starting today. So far today I have gotten up later than I wanted – 9 a.m., I did manage to make the bed, and I got dressed for the day. I have had breakfast which consisted of a bowl of ceral and milk, a diet cola, and now I have had lunch which consisted of 2 pieces of pizza – a piece of pepperoni, and supreme. However, instead of getting a pop I grabbed a bottle water that I had started yesterday. I’ve also already posted on Facebook, and I have posted in my discussion threads for class. So I am a little bit ahead of the game today. Although my lunch may not have been healthy choice, I am still ahead. Everyday will be a struggle and a challenge, but I know that it will be well worth it. I’m off now to finish out the plan for the day and to work some on my side business – Thirty-One. Making some changes there as well. Have an awesome blessed day!