I met this young child when he was just at the age of 2. Who is this child? He is my stepson Adam Kelly Newbauer. I met his dad in July 2000 and we married in July 2001. When we married Adam was then 3 years old. He became the light of my life at that young age. So much has gone on in his life with his mom, and his dad. From the beginning of my time with him I always made sure that he understood that no matter what was happening that he was loved by everyone. Fast forward to today. Over the many years I have watched him grow into a fine young man that would make Grandma Betty proud. He has really grown, and he has accomplished several of life’s many obstacles. He turned 18 this past February 14. He moved in with us and he’s had a wonderful 2-3 months with us. He’s relaxed, he’s working a job that has helped raise him. (Hubby and Adam work for the Home Depot – RDC in Monroe.) I couldn’t be more proud of this young man. This week was final exams for him at school. He graduates this coming Saturday, May 21st. His dad and I are so proud of him and everything that he has accomplished. He may not be mine biologically however I did help raise him, and I did teach him how to drive. Some of the many highlights that a parent gets to do.  When ever I got to spend time with him while he was with us I watched him learn how to do things, I watched him learn some sports, I watched him learn to read, write, and learn an instrument (even though he didn’t stay with it), and I’ve watched him during church services. Most of his young life was spent going back and forth between his mom and dad. Being with us he’s had a more stable environment and he’s learned more. He walks with his classmates on Saturday and I know that this is a step that he has longed to see. This is a step into actual adult hood where he now has to chose what college/university he will go to, what his life long goals are, and short term goals. I look at him everyday thanking God for letting me be a part of his life. Even with all of my issues with depression, I have managed to make things tolerable and now have managed to help him begin learning more things about managing his money, paying bills, how and where to keep the important papers that he needs to keep. I’ve also noticed that he is in love. Deeply in love with his girlfriend. Savannah. She is a beautiful young lady, and they have a love like no other. Yes, like typical boyfriend/girlfriend they have their moments with fights, disagreements, etc. However, they have learned in just the short time they’ve been together, how to laugh, how to have fun, how to treat each other with respect. The more that I think of what he has had to deal with growing up, and to where he is now, right now, it makes me a very proud stepmom – MOM. Yes, I am no longer calling myself his stepmom, but his mom. I’ll never be able to take the place of his biological mother nor will I ever try to which he knows. He knows though that I will always be just a phone call, or text away if he needs anything. (When he leaves the nest so to speak.) Well, before I begin to cry and get all misty eyed I am going to go. Adam if you read this just remember – 1) I will always love you as my own, 2) Your loved by many, 3) Keep your faith in God, 4) Always keep smiling and laughing! I LOVE YOU BUDDY! CONGRAUTLATIONS ON GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL!