Yes, you are reading right. The title of this one is Bedbugs. Why you might ask? Because we have been fighting them for over a year now and we still can’t get rid of the pesky little things. They love to bit me and leave marks on my arms where they have bitten, but they don’t bother anyone else. Why? I hate being covered in bites that I can’t get rid of! We have finally gotten money together to have Orkin come out and do the heat treatment. We have some prepping that has to be done by the 21st, and I feel like I am the only one who really wants these damn things gone. I have started putting things in boxes and moving them out the garage on items that can not stay in the house. Like today (Sept 7, 2016) I took all of our VHS/DVDs and our Wii System cleaned them off, made sure no bugs were inside them and put them in the box. Only took 2 hours tops to do this (because we have so many movies, etc.). Tomorrow before work I will start putting the CD’s and Tapes into boxes and getting then out to the garage. Should only take 2 hours tops. Because of my work schedules, school, and church schedules I have to work on the house when I am off. So, this is what I’ve been doing. Well, today it just seems as though no one else in this house wants to get things prepared and ready for the company to come in and do their jobs. I know that there are some things that we can’t do until the day before, however, other items can be taken care of in the mean time. I mean dad has a card table (or banquet table) up in the dinning room with lots of piles of papers that he’s been going through now for 2 years straight and still hasn’t done anything with. We have a ton of mom’s medical things that we can’t use and he won’t get rid of them either. I’ve never seen such a house and shed filled with things that we won’t be able to keep anyways. I have lived this way long enough. Bedbugs BE GONE! How do you get your spouse, or even your father to help you get the house ready for the exterminators when 1) they don’t want to take time off from work, 2) won’t clean things up in such as of paperwork that needs to be put away or gone. Why is everything being put off or on me to do when I have to practice the piano, have school work to complete and reading to complete, work my part time job with thirty-one and part time job with Home Depot? Do they not realize that I can’t do everything on my own? I can’t move huge furniture out to the garage/side of the street alone.

I am at a loss as to what else to do and how to encourage my spouse and my father to get a moving on helping with getting things off the walls, and things put away. What would you do to encourage your family that you are living with to help you daily in getting everything prepared?