What a year this has been for me. I can’t believe this year has gone by so fast. My birthday was a week ago today. I turned the B-I-G 40. Some have asked me what it feels like. Well, it doesn’t feel any different. 🙂

Well, we celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday. There is so much for us to be thankful for. For many of us it is just being thankful to wake up every morning. Others it may be to be able to provide a place to live, or clothes for our family. For me it was being given the chance to play the piano and the flute at the Fairborn Senior Center on Thanksgiving Day. You see, every year our church has helped with the Community Thanksgiving Dinner at the Senior Center. Well, this year my Pastor mentioned in announcements last Sunday that he was in charge of the music and that if anyone would like to they could come and play, and sing if they wanted to. Well, that afternoon while I was working on my homework for class, I felt that I was being led to go and share my talents with the citizens of Fairborn, Ohio. I grew up here, and I wanted to show my Thankfulness to our Community in some way just never knew how to go about it. So I told my Pastor that if he wanted me to I would come and play my flute and the piano. He said that would be wonderful. So I followed God’s lead on this and I must say that I am so very Thankful that I did. The amount of praise that I received not only from my Pastor, but from a young boy scout who was there with his group, and so many of the citizens that it was just busting my bubble at the seems. Yes it was about to explode! But in a very positive way. I was so nervous that they may not enjoy the music at all being that most if not all of my songs are faith based. Gospel to be exact.

I must say the most rewarding thing that I received yesterday was when I began playing my mom’s favorite hymn – ‘Because He Lives’. From where I was at by the piano, playing my flute, I just happened to look up towards a table that was very close to me. When I did I noticed a lady from another country. When I saw her, I heard her as well, that the song I was playing was her song, and that I was playing it for her. She said this to those that were seated at her table. It was at that moment that I realized the voice and nudge that I was having the few days prior were from God. God wanted me there, not to just play, but to show HIS love, to others. Normally I would have played this song on the piano and not the flute. But I had decided to change it up a little and play it this time on the flute. A little later after others had taken part in the music section I had gone back towards the piano and the lady saw me coming up. She came up to me and told me that was her favorite song and thank you for playing it. It was then that I explained to her that it was my mother’s favorite song and that one of our ladies from my church loves to hear me play the flute, and since I had the chance I played it, not just for my mom and my friend from church, but for everyone to know that ‘Because He Lives’ we can always face tomorrow. God doesn’t put us into situations that we can’t handle. I told this lady who was from the Methodist Church up the road, that I really do hope and pray that she enjoyed all of the music and I am grateful to have been able to play her favorite song. God works in mysterious ways.

Not only did I have this joy from speaking with this lady yesterday, but I also had joy from a young boy scout probably about 10-12 years of age. I had just finished what I had been playing on the piano and was taking another break. As I was changing music and waiting for the raffle to finish, he came up to me and said, “You do what you do very well, and thank you for being here.” It was also at that moment that I realized that my time of teaching children is not over. It may not be in Sunday school, or vacation Bible school, but that I have the chance to do it with music as well.

Never doubt the power and peacefulness of God’s love. If I had not had God in my life and as my personal Lord, and Savior, I don’t know that I would have played the music at all yesterday. I thanked Pastor Chris for the chance to play yesterday. It was a moment in my life that I will never forget. Especially being able to bring peace, love, joy, and inspiration to others. God Bless.