Wow, how the time has flown by.  Seems like it was just yesterday that it was Thanksgiving – the last time that I wrote. So many things have gone on in my life since then that it’s just been crazy. A few things that have happened are that my hubby, stepson & his girlfriend, hubby’s parents, hubby’s aunt & one of her daughters, and I all went on a cruise in March 2017. It was a well deserved trip. Just wish that my daddy had been able to go after all. Kind of hard to do though when he was in the hospital for breaking his ankle, and then his heart going into AFib, and being in a nursing home, getting the pacemaker put in, and then passing away April 12, 2017. It’s still hard to believe that he has been gone for 3 months and 7 days. My daddy was my life after mom past away in December 2011. Yes, I have my hubby and family, but it’s nothing compared to having my father still around to spend time with. The estate is still in probate, and we have at least paid off the funeral home. Mike and I had to do things that we really didn’t want to do just to get the money, but we did it because we didn’t want things to linger out for years to come.

I’m still going to school at DeVry University and if I saw correctly I will be graduating next May/June 2018. I can’t wait. I can and will be able to say that I have graduated college and can move on to doing something with my life and work to bring home the money that we need. It seems that just when we have gotten pretty close to paying off something, the hubby decides to go and do something to cause us to begin paying on item once again. We aren’t thrilled that we had to refinance our truck and our flex, but it was to help us pay off dad’s funeral expenses. I look forward to doing something that I want to do. We’ve planned a trip/cruise for next year and we can’t wait. However, the hubby is starting a new job with the City at the end of the month and so we are going to be limited as to when we will be able to go on our trip/cruise. I need to break away and go some place and not deal with electronics at all – no phone, no laptop, no Ipad, no kindle, no cellphone, no T.V. Just a comfy couch, comfy bed, the woods, and mother nature. It will be great when I can do that, but trying to get the hubby to is another story…lol.

So, as I sit here thinking about what has gone on since last November, I remind myself that there are many great memories there. I’m going to be challenging myself to do many things over the next several months just to see where life will take me. I’m currently not employed with any major companies, however, I am driving for Uber, currently selling Thirty-One, teaching piano lessons, and then making crafts and selling them. Not only am I doing all of that, I am also going to step up and take on the Church Historian position again at the church, along with continuing as the pianist. Plus continue my schooling which won’t be long till I graduate. So let me through out this challenge to you: each day when you get up thank God for letting you see another beautiful day even if it is rainy or snowy; then ready your Bible or devotional; clean one room in your home, and then challenge yourself to do something out of the ordinary – either something you haven’t done in years or something that you have never done. Create your precious memories and enjoy life to its fullest!