Here we are, only a few hours away from ringing in 2018. Usually at this time of the year many people, many Americans will make resolutions to loose weight, better life, to be a better person, to do some new things, and to get out of bad situations, to do good, to grow in their faith and belief in God. Have you thought about instead of making resolutions each year that you set the goal that this is what you will do this year and act on it? I never would make new year’s resolutions, but I also never set goals for me. Oh I would have the dreams to do this or do that, but I never would act on them. So, this year I am going to make changes in my daily life. I am going to get out there and I am going to exercise daily. I am going to read my Bible daily. I am going to finish my schooling, and graduate in June. I am going to find that new job that pays well or will give me the financial freedom that I need. Yes I it will take time to build but I do plan on doing it. I plan on becoming financially free. I plan on loosing that weight so that by the next time that my family and friends in Texas, and Alabama see me they will see how much weight I have lost and they will also see how much I have changed and how I have grown over the years. Even though I do not have my parents with me on earth any longer I KNOW I WILL SEE THEM AGAIN.  Well, I am going to end this tonight. I pray that everyone has a safe, healthy and Blessed New Year!