Wow, how the time has flown. I started going back to college in November of 2014. Last night – June 29, 2018 I finally graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Sales and Marketing. I am so proud of myself. I have accomplished one of my many goals that I have set out to do. In fact I am so proud that when my husband asked me why I had them put my whole name on the diploma, I told him because it is a way for me to show honor and respect to my parents who raised me and knew that I would be able to one day accomplish the goal. Even though they physically were not there last night I know that they were there in spirit. I know that he didn’t think that it was right for me to do that, but it’s not his diploma. It is mine. I earned it and I had them put the name on it that I wanted on it. I could have told them to just put my first name, middle name, and maiden name and had no reference made to my husband at all. However, I didn’t do that. I made sure that since he has worked so hard for me to be able to accomplish this particular goal. Our last name was put on it as well. I have never felt so emotional about a diploma or accomplishment before as I did for this one. Don’t know why except that I know that I made my parents, grandparents, and my family proud. That was all that mattered the most. I know that there were a couple of people that would have liked to have been there, but couldn’t. Although I know that they were there on my mind and in spirit.

Now all that time that I have spent in studies, I can focus elsewhere for a while. So, after many different thoughts and people suggesting that I should do something. I think that I just might. However, it will be a little while before I begin it because I have some other things that need to take priority first…lol. So, over the next few months, July and August at least, I will be pounding the ground running with my job, in order to make it in the AFLAC Insurance business, and to get my home back into to tip top shape as some would say. Then around September and October, I plan to really buckle down more on family history, writing my book that I am going to be planning out, and working on making crafts of all kinds to sell – including candles, and soaps. I will be taking a few trips in there as well. It will surely be a great time the next few months as there is a lot of hard work ahead of me, but I know that if I can accomplish the goal above, I can and will accomplish anything.